ASQ/ASQ:SE Activities

Each set of the ASQ Play or ASQSE Behavior activities in the links below may cover several months of development for an age. You may find that some are easy and fit with your child’s interests right now and, there may also be some that your child is not yet be ready to try. Start with the easy ones and use the others as guides for the kinds of things your child may soon be ready to try. Here are some ways to use the activities sets:

  • Make several copies and hang them up on the refrigerator, in the bath or play areas.
  • Enlarge the list and cut out individual activities to post in favorite places such as kitchen, family room or play area.
  • Cut out and glue onto note cards to file into a “recipe box” for babysitters or caregivers to use.
  • Save them into your phone, tablet or computer for easy reference.

Have Fun!