What is the ASQ?

The Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) Third Edition is a questionnaire designed to help parents check their child's development

**Parents can use the results of the ASQ to help talk with pediatricians, teachers or other professionals if they have concerns about their child's development.

Early diagnosis and treatment of developmental delays can help give a child the best opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

The Questionnaires

The core of ASQ is a series of 20 questionnaires that correspond to age intervals from birth to 6 years.

  • Each questionnaire contains simple questions for parents to answer about activities their child is (or is not) able to do.
  • The answers are scored and help to determine whether the child's development is on schedule or whether the child should be referred for a developmental checkup with a professional.

Activities discussed in each questionnaire reflect developmental milestones for each age group. Parents can learn more about what to expect their child to be able to do at each stage of development.

For more information visit http://agesandstages.com

Working with pediatrician....
"The website is really helpful. It's great to know there are pediatricians excited to use the ASQ. My children's doctor photocopied their most recent ASQ assessment to share with the rest of the doctors."